Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Puerhan - "Poetry Mala"

Puerhan has been writing 108 poems in 108 days as a form of spiritual practice, an idea that I find incredibly interesting and useful. Go check out his site.

Here are a few samples.

108 Poems #082

A sunny yellow daffodil
Gazing out the window

I forget the morning is grey

108 Poems #081

Glistening cells

And sweet juice
Fibres caught between my teeth

108 Poems #080

Nothing seems certain
Least of all the movements of the heart

Undermined by a stomach full of doubt


Phebe said...

What a wonderful idea, this poetry mala! I enjoyed the poems on this page. Will check your blog often.

Is it stealing if I do this discipline? I'll credit you everywhere... my blog & writing sisters.

Thanks for a great looking blog and good energy, too!

PhebeK on twitter

WH said...

I don't think it's stealing - but give credit to Purehan, not me - it's his project


Puerhan said...

Wow, thanks for the wonderful link to my project Bill!

A minor correction if I may - my pen name is Puerhan (rather than Purehan) which is the Chinese 卜爾瀚.

Many thanks!

Puerhan said...

@Phebe Please feel free to take up the same practice! And also feel free to leave comments or write response poems.

best wishes.

WH said...


So very sorry for messing up on your name - I fixed it, but the link is out there that way.