Monday, November 26, 2007

Three Photos: ~C4Chaos

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~C4Chaos is a widely known blogger living in Seattle. You can see more of his photos at his Flickr page.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Poem: David Luntz

It Could Be Any Winter Evening

It could be any winter evening,
that unbinds a memory of something tender:
a sparrow hit by a car, jerking in the gutter,
blood on its beak, that I scooped and cradled in my palms,
and felt its heart eddying wildly
toward the vanishing point of oblivion.

I wanted to save it, act the healer,
take it out of the cold,
give it seeds and water,
but it died several hours later in a shoebox
below the window from which it should have flown away.
The ground was too frozen to bury it.

So I put it in some newspaper or a discarded
supermarket bag (I don’t remember which),
and stuck it in the garbage outside,
dejected at the sordidness of the whole thing,
resentful that life once more turns me cynical.

It could be any winter evening,
as light falls on leaves, silence over shadows,
that I return home with little more than
bitter wisdom to comfort me,
since I know well now that what is desired
is sometimes better not to have.

* * * * *

~ This is David Luntz's second appearance in Elegant Thorn Review.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Two Poems: Julie Kovacs

Trading Favors

Escaping from highway gridlock on route 10 south
I hopscotch across the mountain tops
off into forests of job offers
shirts and skirts with my label on them
smiles that say comfort and ease
a coat of warmth that says thank you
for not using my coat from a four-legged
friend who used to be fed a bottle of formula
as an infant and played catch with a toy rubber ball
that belonged to my old ferret named Mandy.
Only twice now I didn’t notice when someone
wore a black cocktail dress of mine
but that was because I was too busy enjoying
chocolate truffles and herbal tea
made by the two gracious ladies.

* * * * *

Pot of Gold

Two heads facing downward
through the clouds contemplated
making a new world no concrete
skyscrapers or highways
exist supplanted by
fields of grass rock gardens
waterfalls splashing water
into ponds with small groups
of rocks each time
water covered a rock
the rock wailed
unheard by surrounding
waters moving backward
while the rock moved forward
unobserved by anyone
except the two radiant faces
leaving a rainbow surrounding
the rock in a bow
and a gold coin on the top
unremovable by anyone except the rock.

* * * * *

~ Julie Kovacs is a resident of Tucson, Arizona and an aspiring poet. Some recently publications include: Children, Churches and Daddies, The Flask Review, Issue 2, March 2007, Morsel(s), March 2007, and Because We Write, March 2007.