Saturday, September 16, 2006

Poem: Soulless

Before Every Dawn

I come here to listen to the waves.

Several steps away from the shoreline.

I tilt my head, eyes closed
to the utter dismay of flickering
celestials seeking wistful
worship. For I
come here to listen
as the waves chant their way
nearer; they croon as they graze
the sand in haunting reverence.

And I
hear the languished
whisper. The hum I give
words to. The song that has become
mine amidst the stillness — the solace
and despair — of knowing
even the night cannot conceal
what is no longer

there. When I leave,

dawn follows. So do you.
You would come here, too
defying the trill of the waves.
Out of dreams that time cannot
but deny, you
build sandcastles

several steps away from the shoreline

on top of my grave.

~ Soulless hails from Manila, Philippines and can be found at Unguarded Utterance.

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