Monday, March 2, 2009

Celeste Thompson: Dreams of Fishing

Dreams of Fishing

Finally, evidence for God in a mosquito’s buzz.
Male D plus female G creates a perfect fifth,
overtone begets mating.

Do you know Al Jolson? Of course.
Like I know Django Reinhardt.
Esteemed. Finesse. Scone crumb on your saucer,
creamed dill on your spoon. I want.

There’s poetry everywhere, my boss texts from Minneapolis.
Which hat to take fishing? Suddenly I’m tall.

* * *

~ Celeste Thompson lives in Hillsboro, OR, where she blogs Ardent Shanty and plays the banjo. I have been trying to get her work here for over a year, so this is a treat. You can buy rabbit fur purse, her first collection, through Amazon.

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