Monday, October 29, 2007

Two Poems: Isabella Mori

strega through the moonlight

strega through the moonlight
swishing by the stars with green-black robe,
waving long behind her, long, long, longer
than a comet’s hair.
strega luna, harvest moon behind her,
riding into autumn, riding towards snow,
into night and north and dark, dark caves,
into mysteries that stones know,
crows know, dark, cold clouds know,
deep into october, vember, cember
far towards a tiny ember
on the other side.

* * * *

judging judging judging

judging judging judging
her mouth too slim her teeth too small
his voice too loud his stories boring.
judging and then trying
to sit there, listen only, ears wide open,
heart without a curtain between them and me
soul without a them and me
just listening watching.
and then back to
judging judging judging
my judge too tough my mind too fast
my words so slurred my walls too high.
and then just
walking breathing driving seeing city lights –

the teetertotter
of being in this human cage.

* * * *

~ Isabella Mori is a therapist practicing in Vancouver, BC. You can read her blog, moritherapy, to find out more about her -- I'm a big fan of her blog.

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