Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two Poems: John Thompson

little paper glow boat show

this time of year i’d
go to the lake and

watch them carry glowing spheres.
i never saw anything prettier –

then they’d set them free to float
( on little boats )
across the dark waters.

under the moon.

shimmers would reflect
on ripples.

on those
days were strangers i’d never see.

they’d come from far away.

i take my ideas,
shape my own paper lantern, and when i’m finished

i'll go down
by the lake
to set it free.

* * * * *

winter becoming at ease 2

the morning falls
and still breath is seen
far beyond the rising suns heat
snow has yet to fall from the sky
to touch the green ground
seen from my window.

a fresh flame brews inside the stomach of metal walls -
though outside, a different story's told,
one with words
freezing before sought out...
yes, outside winter is becoming.

~ This is John Thompson's first appearance in Elegant Thorn.

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